Experience the healing power
of Authentic Thai Massage

Relaxation & Healing of the Body and Spirit
Santa Monica, CA

Forever Thai Massage

At Forever Thai Massage in Santa Monica, CA our massage therapists are experts in the techniques of Thai Massage that promotes:



Headache Relief

Back Pain Reduction

Why Visit Forever Thai Massage

Forever Thai Massage is an authentically owned and operated Thai Spa

Handcrafted essential massage oils

Forever Thai Massage treatments start at $70.00

Featured Reviews

The staff is very kind, friendly and very professional

After a stressful week, I visited this place, and they helped me relax! I look forward to visiting this place.


The staff is amazing

I had horrible pain in my back. I didn’t know a Thai massage would be so good to get rid of it. They’re an awesome place to relax too, the environment is great, the staff is amazing! I can’t wait for my next visit.


I would give them more than five stars if I could

If I look for a word to describe this place, that word would be “REMARKABLE.” I was very comfortable with my therapist, they’re very professionals, and the staff is kind.


Five stars

Best place in Santa Monica to look for a therapist. If you’re in pain or need to relax, this is the place you want to go. I already made my next appointment.